Warning: Strong IF Language, Reader Discretion Advised

2 Feb

I was back and I was freshly hopeful. Now I am back and have an upper body freshly glimmering with beads of sweat from all the hot flashes I am experiencing surviving.

Let me back it up. We’re settled and in amazing and challenging jobs that are highly satisfying, so L and I decided to hop on the IF treatment train again. Just to mix it up, you know. I am moving full speed ahead. First stop was diagnosis. It’s official! I have the PCOS, complete with insulin resistance and lots of real live cysts (that apparently no other gyno bothered to look for). Bring on the Metformin! Goodbye carbs, hello toilet. (TMI?)

Then we moved on to the CCCT which was a success… and a failure. It was a success in that I passed (YAY!), I have good eggs and hormone levels are normal. I have good chances of success with treatments up to and including IVF. It was a failure however in that I did not ovulate. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me, considering this was my fourth round of the stuff, but I hated the news ever so much. Especially after experiencing the one gigantic emotional breakdown that the hormone fluctuation caused.

Next stop, Letrozole. The beautiful thing (if there is one) about being consistently anovulatory and amenorrheic is that after the CCCT we were instructed to move right along to the Letrozole. Do not pass go, do not induce period.

Letrozole is the devil, ya’ll. This week I am full of RAGE and have finally experienced, for the first and second times, a hot flash. I do not look forward to more, yet I can see a dozen coming. Here’s hoping that my RE’s positively optimistic prognosis proves true, that my reproductive organs are in tip top shape and my chances for conceiving a little mini-me are great.

I plan to get back to the blog to talk PCOS, recipes, fitness, and to share my IF journey. Please bear with me if I am not as consistent as I have been in the past… Life is a roller coaster and for the first time ever I am taking it a day at a time.





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