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Back & Freshly Hopeful

2 Nov

Hello, Blog. I abandoned you for like, two months.

As luck would have it, I moved to SD one week, started looking and applying for gainful employment the next, and by the end of my second week in town, had a full time job at the local hospital in the emergency room… Which seems like it would be great news.┬áBut, I never really planned on a) working full time here in SD, b) spending ANY sort of extended time in the ER, c) doing shift work (switching between days and nights on a constant basis), and d) getting paid less than I ever have as a college graduate.

Also, we recently had a major adoption let-down. It seems that L and I aren’t attractive candidates for Foster Care because we are new to the area. The last year or so of moving has made us look unstable. A month after that discussion with a social worker (and in a more rational emotional state), I completely understand, but I’ve spent a fair amount of time being pissed off and bummed out, too.

Needless to say, I have had to adjust my expectations of what our life would be like here.

I know I likely sound like a greedy Gretchen. I am lucky to have a job in this economy. But I don’t feel as though we are any better off now that we’re here and settled. We did better in Minneapolis before we left, even with the higher cost of living, and now we’re four hours removed from family and friends.


But that’s all short term. Our big picture looks bright, homesickness aside. Let me tell you why.

November is open season for benefits enrollment. We’re upgrading our benefits to the plan that covers the RE (repro. endocrinologist) so as of January 1, all systems are GO on the fertility treatments. It just so happens that SF, SD is home to a highly regarded RE that specializes in PCOS & fertility. I have already called to verify that the RE is taking new patients and I don’t even need so much as a referral. This is exciting prospect numero uno.

Second, although I am generally unhappy about my current employment situation, I have a couple of back up plans in action and am really hopeful that I may be able to share some exciting news soon. I don’t want to jinx anything, so that’s all I am going to say about it. But let me just put this out there: if the universe could spare me a favor, I would really appreciate it and will pay back later in good karma and deeds.

Next, L is getting some really positive feedback at work regarding training and is enjoying his job. It looks like he will be able to meet a fairy important benchmark soon which will certainly ease the strain on our pocketbook come January.

Also (this is going to sound downright cheesy) I have a gut feeling about 2012. Last year at this time I think I had the same gut feeling, and the new year did turn out to be eventful and life-changing. We moved four times and lived in three states in 2011. It’s hard to think of a new year that did not, in some way, bring about something HUGE and IMPORTANT and LIFE-ALTERING — just because that’s what it’s all about. Just about every single day has the potential to present the best, worst, craziest, most exciting moment. And I guess I just know in my bones that something great is around the corner.

I guess sometimes typing it all out can change your perspective.