30 ’til 30

5 Jul

Do You Have a Bucket List?

I don’t.

At least, not so far. And if life (so far) has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t really plan or control everything that happens- so you better have some options. In the 30 days leading up to my 30th birthday, my goal is to add an item to my Bucket List. One for each year I’ve been alive. Some goals are lofty, some are small, but all are important to me.

(I don’t think I can muster the ambition to rank these, so they will be in no particular order.)


Complete a 5K. And then a 10K.

Because I should be able to do that and I really want to.

One of the luxuries of being down here in OKC with my husband (besides the abundance of decent country stations on the radio that play the hits of the 90s… love love love it) has been having ample time to workout. And I have been hitting the gym like crazy because I have no excuse! I have written before about my love for Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs, and I have definitely been getting my groove on with those videos.  But one thing that has always been a challenge for me is running. I suck at running! It hurts my feet and shins and takes a lot of dedication. My dad was a marathon runner (before a neck injury benched him) so I feel like I should be good at it too.

I once took an intro to running class and had a hard time mainly because the pace of the group was so painfully slow- and believe me, my legs are so short I run and walk at a turtle’s pace. I could never find a decent stride and the shin splints were killing me no matter how much I stretched or strengthened or applied cold and hot compresses. I received tons of coaching on my technique and stride but still the splints became so painful it was hard to walk and so I quit running.

Over time I have started to avoid wearing shoes when working out because they make my feet cramp up. I figured it was because my feet are just really difficult to fit (they’re wide and flat and Flinstonian) and that my running days were over because of it. People (especially in the specialty shoe shops) are usually in dismay at this fact and tell me how hard all of this will be on my joints in the long run. But it’s my body and I feel that I get a lot more out of a workout when I am barefoot.

Now there is a mountain of research that says barefoot running is good for you. Maybe it isn’t, but it’s worth a shot! So I went out and bought a pair of barefoot running shoes (the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove- no finger toes for me) and so far so good.

I’m not really sure how lofty a goal this will be, but I am hopefully on my way to the 5K. Wish me luck! Now if I could only find a good quality, affordable, extra supportive sports bra…


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