Times, They Are a’Changing

21 Mar

Ye olde (abandoned) blogue.

Truth be told, it’s not just the blog that has been abandoned but also my quest for healthful food that I make on my own… and babies. No matter, though. I have stayed busy.

No news on the baby front, which is actually good news. I believe everything happens for a reason, and right now that reason is… transition. Because one day I woke up and the snow was gone and, hello! It’s springtime in Minnesota! The sun emerged and all we Great Lakes folks got a triple dose of vitamin D. (Open the windows and throw on a pair of shorts because it’s 45 degrees outside!) Sunshine brings out the best in people up here, wakes us with feelings of pure elation. Like anything is possible.

I have but eight short weeks left until I have completed my program! And life has been eventful. I took a trip to my home state of California to meet my bestie’s babe and rekindled my romance with the Bay Area, started feeling the agonizing pangs of home sickness, only to be greeted once home with news that we might be relocated. We’ll likely move sometime this summer.

I am no stranger to moving across the States. In my lifetime I have lived in Oklahoma, New Mexico, West Texas, California and Minnesota. Leaving everything behind and looking for a new place to call home is definitely one of my greatest fantasies. I drive my husband crazy with these ideas, he who has lived in Minneapolis all his life.

I can say with much conviction that living on the great plains of South Dakota has never been a particular fantasy of mine. But! There’s something dreamy about moving westward (ho!), the way of the settlers- inching toward our goals, moving on and getting lost out in the world. On our own.

I’ve been there, to our future home, on mini-holidays and visiting our friends. The place is lovely; it’s the largest city in the state but still a blank slate really, a budding metropolis. My U of MN bestie lives there and if she can dig it, so can I. As if I were ripping off a band-aid, I am looking forward to this- just to get on with it.

We’ll call it a grand new adventure, living in middle America. Salt of the earth and shit.

And isn’t it perfect that things should change and we should grow in such a way? I turn 30 (THIRTY) later this summer and I am so looking forward to reaching that milestone. It might be the springtime high but I am choosing to feel incredibly optimistic about the future. South Dakota has no idea what it’s in for.


2 Responses to “Times, They Are a’Changing”

  1. Val March 22, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    You’re like Laura Ingalls Wilder!

  2. Preggy Project March 27, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Good luck with the move! I can totally relate about not having interest in babies when your life is in transition. We got married and bought a house in the suburbs because we needed more room for the baby. Problem was, we got too preoccupied with the transition — home improvement and stuff — that TTC became almost impossible. Four years later, we now have all this extra room for the baby (ies) but no baby!

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