Now Work It Out

1 Feb

The battle with PCOS not only consists of nutrition and medication and fertility treatments, but also fitness. I have a love-hate relationship with fitness. I love it when I am about 3 or 4 weeks into a routine and build up some stamina. I hate it when I become bored, quit, and then have to begin again, huffing and puffing through a half hour workout.

I also hate the gym. I think the idea of communal exercise equipment is disgusting and I hate to smell other people’s funk. I might be a germaphobe. Jogging on a treadmill staring at the wall or a television for 45 minutes is absolutely torturous.

I hate home cardio equipment too, but about once a year I seem to development exercise equipment amnesia. I’ve been the proud owner of two elliptical trainers and a treadmill. All were sold on Craigslist after becoming giant clothing racks.

I don’t hate all exercise. I love to dance, and I am way into cardio dance classes. My preferred style is most definitely hip hop even though I’m really just a floppy uncoordinated white girl on the dance floor.

I also love infomercials. You could sucker me into buying anything late at night or on a lazy Sunday afternoon from those little red panini presses to the Magic Bullet blender (but seriously, that’s also the name of a certain romance enhancement tool, am I right?). I am seriously considering the Motown Collection when I get a job.

A while back I came across a pretty fantastic infomercial on Hip Hop Abs. (All day long.) I watched the entire program three or four times because it was kind of addicting. It wasn’t the promise of rock hard abs without having to do sit-ups that I fell for. It was the music! And the adorable Shaun T. So… I bought it, and I am in love with him it.

Not long ago I purchased the Turbo Jam dvd set and am fond of that workout as well.

I totally bought TJ because I thought it was going to be a party. And it is fun- especially when I am able to con a girlfriend into Turbo Jamming with me.

I am now on the lookout for some community ed zumba or cardio hip hop classes in my neighborhood. Life, fitness, healing- it’s a lot of work. You might as well enjoy it.


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