Resolution Revolution and My House Smells Like Chocolate

30 Jan

It has come to my attention recently (ok, this evening) that I have started to use cooking and baking as a tool of procrastination. Because while I have a million things to study (and two exams this week worth a lot of my grade) I also must keep at it in the kitchen or else fail to stick with my New Year’s Resolution. The unspoken one. The one I secretly made but didn’t tell anyone for fear that I might break it.

I made two resolutions, actually. One, to try more food. Two, cook at home more often, eat out less. And I am doing it! Proof: This weekend I attended a dinner party at which the main course was pulled pork (which I hadn’t eaten in oh… 10 years or so) and a pesto dressing (which I usually pass on). Both were delicious. I brought potato salad to share (omg, delicious). Two birds, one stone. Some people resolve to become a vegetarian. I resolve to eat meat (er, and pesto!), if only to get over it.

Also, we did not eat out even once all of last week. Success!

It has been just over a month that I have gotten serious about learning to cook. Already I can hardly think about anything else. Like the fact that I need a new frying pan (mine is totally dented and I can’t get a lid on) and how crappy our oven and stove are, which makes baking a giant crap shoot. As though I needed an extra challenge in that area.

I never bake- never enjoyed it, never had any desire, and never wanted that kind of temptation in the house, because I eat when I’m stressed. This week was a rough week and every time I became frustrated with any of my work (mainly Med Terminology) I made food. I baked some pumpkin bread while I should have been studying. I attempted to substitute agave syrup for the sugar (it turned out… okay). The agave browns more quickly than white sugar, I should have reduced the amount of the other liquids to accommodate for the agave and lack of dry sugar and I definitely should have lowered the oven temperature. Live and learn.

And tonight I am stressing over some school work, and am having conflicted emotions about some news I received. So in the oven went two loaves of chocolate zucchini bread.  My house smells amazing. Not a low GI recipe (but I did use whole wheat flour!). Not something I should keep around the house. Not sure I’ll be able to give it away.

In the end, I suppose baking/cooking isn’t the worst coping mechanism. My lovely husband is enjoying the crap out of my new hobby and my pug is never happier than when she’s foraging for crumbs on the kitchen floor. And our bank account thanks us for all those leftovers in the fridge and freezer.

This week’s playlist/Recent musical obsessions:

  • Anything on “The Meaning of 8” album – Cloud Cult
  • Guava Jelly – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  • You Say (Puppy Love) – Brother Ali
  • Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant
  • Down the Line – Doomtree
  • Bright Lights – Placebo

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