School with a Side of Kale

8 Jan

This morning I drove up to campus to gather my books and found that I only needed to buy one book (singular!) for my program. I was able to purchase it used for just $50 AND I scored a free academic planner which I love for all its spiral-bound-cheesy-graphics… a la Deer Valley High School circa 97-98. Glorious!

It finally occurred to me on my morning trip to campus that I am finished with retail work. The realization hit me along a self-guided tour of campus and it made me ridiculously happy. Maniacally happy. Learning, studying, the academic environment- it allĀ  satisfies me and gets me geeky giddy high.

So I’m going to ride this wave of academic and freedom-related mania and try something CRAZY: Kale.

It was on sale at Whole Foods this week and it is a superfood after all. I decided to start with something easy and found this kale smoothie recipe. Admittedly, I haven’t seen my awesome blender/food processor since we moved into our new 2-bedroom. Before today I didn’t even know where in my kitchen my blender has been living these past five months. I found it dusty and stashed away above the refrigerator.

What the kale? I had no idea how dirty organic kale can be. After a few soaks and rinses I added two cups chopped kale, 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a handful of frozen organic strawberries, 1 medium banana and 1 tbsp agave nectar* to the blender.

I cannot lie- when I first laid eyes on the finished product I cringed. It’s not pretty. But I had to try because I have resolved to eat new foods. Besides, it bothers me to be wasteful. I went for it and am so glad I did because that shit is delicious. It tastes just like a strawberry banana smoothie and I would forget the kale was even there if it wasn’t for the texture and the color.

*The agave nectar is new to me and is unnecessary to add to the smoothie… except I am all about the sweets and it’s a pretty benign indulgence. It boasts a relatively low glycemic index (30) compared to sugar (61) and even honey (55), which makes it a PCOS-friendly sugar alternative.

It was good! I would also like to make kale chips, kale & lentil soup, and kale & olive oil mashed potatoes (this would surely please the hubs).

Today’s playlist highlights:

  • “Stay Human” – Keller Williams
  • “Beautiful Life” – Ace of Base
  • “If You Don’t Say It” – Mayda
  • “O.P.P.” – Naughty by Nature

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